Break-Away™ Fire Release Connector

FERO’s patented Break-Away Fire Release Connectors provide an innovative solution for connecting structural elements to single firewalls Pre-engineered to maintain the structural integrity of the connection during normal conditions, the product allows complete disengagement and separation of the structural framing away from the firewall in the event of a fire.


Reduced Construction Costs

To meet applicable building codes, firewalls need to remain structurally stable in a fire for a fire-rated amount of time. To meet this requirement, many builders simply build a double firewall—but this can be costly.

FERO Break-Away Fire Release Connectors allow a single firewall to remain structurally stable during a fire by releasing the structural elements without damaging the firewall. Building a single firewall instead of a double firewall helps save on construction costs.

Structural Stability Under Normal Conditions

Under normal conditions, Break-Away Fire-Release Connectors provide 5 kN of lateral resistance per slot. This is achieved through the interaction between the grooves and the fusible washer.

Unlike other available fire release systems, the FERO system’s support angle functions as a structural member under normal service conditions. Accordingly, the load bearing capacity of the FERO Break-Away Fire Release Connector is not limited by the load-bearing capacity of the fusible washer.

Release of Firewall During Fire

During a fire, the fusible washer will melt and soften, which allows movement to relieve the lateral stresses caused by potential deformation of the framing members. Under extreme deformations, the slots in the plate allow the framing members to completely disengage from the firewall. This allows the firewall to remain standing for the duration of the fire-rated time, to prevent the spread of the fire and satisfy building code requirements.




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